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St. John's UCC Preschool Newsletter

(by Miss April, from the Church Newsletter)

St. John’s UCC Preschool Book Club

Would you like to volunteer to read a book or share your hobby or talent with the preschool children? If so, we want you! You would spend approx. 15-20 minutes with either the morning or afternoon 4 year old class. We have scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays hoping to fit everyone’s schedule. The sign-up sheet is located on the nursery bulletin board. We love volunteers to share their talent or read a book to our children. There is a sign-up sheet in the hallway bulletin board near the church office. Thanks so much to those that have shared with us in the past.

Delays / Closings / Early Dismissal
** If South Knox School Corp. is delayed one or two hours, classes will begin at 9:30.
**If South Knox closes school early, due to weather issues, the afternoon class will also be cancelled at St. John’s.
**If South Knox closes school after the start of class, parental discretion is urged on picking up your child.

Preschool Newsletter
Read through to get an idea of all the activities our children enjoy. Dates refer to the month described, not the issue of the church newsletter in which the Preschool report appeared.

March 2018: March came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb. We are learning to watch the weather to see if it is going to be a lion or lamb day! We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ Birthday by reading his books and dressing wacky! Everyone enjoyed finding the rhyming words in the Dr. Seuss books!! Easter decoration filled our classroom. We colored Easter Eggs, made Easter baskets, and enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt! Our Butterflies prepared for Kindergarten by having a week of pretend Kindergarten round up. They had to complete stations of learning activities and learn how to carry a lunch tray! *Reminder if your child is not on our waiting list please fill out a waiting list form.

February 2018: Hearts, roses, hugs & kisses!! Valentine’s love is filling our classroom! The Butterflies made Valentine mailboxes and the caterpillars made heart bags to hold all their Valentine’s cards from their friends! We had a visit from the Germ Busters to teach us how to wash our hands, cover our mouths, and keep germs away! Our Butterflies invited their Grandparents to enjoy a day full of singing, crafts, and snacks! The Grandparents had such a wonderful time! We are enrolling children for the 2018-19 school year. Please make sure you get a waiting list form and get your child on the waiting list to attend preschool.

January 2018: We rang in the New Year with lots of noisemakers and new resolutions! Lots of the children decided they wanted to help their parents more and keep their rooms clean! Everyone enjoyed letter Ii week when we made ice cream sundaes and ice cream cones! Letter Mm week taught us how to sort and make patterns as we used M&M’s and colored marshmallows to learn with. On letter Bb week everyone brought in baby pictures and we had so much fun guessing who each baby was! We are beginning to grow beans and grass in our class room! These kids have great “Green thumbs”!! We have begun re-enrollment of our current students and we are starting to enroll new students from our waiting list for Fall 2018!! Please make sure to fill out a waiting list form and get on our waiting list for future school years!!

December 2017: Our December was a month of giving. The children donated to collect items for Generations program Build-A-Basket. We also worked on helping or giving to others each day with our giving calendar. The Butterflies entertained everyone with their beautiful voices at their Christmas program. Santa even surprised us with a visit during the program. Mid-year evaluations were sent home and parents and teachers are working together on any areas the children need help in. Everyone enjoyed our Christmas parties. We had yummy treats, fun Christmas games, and lots of gifts we exchanged. We will be right back at it after Christmas break as our Caterpillars learn to write the letters in their names and our Butterflies begin writing last names. Re-enrollment for our current preschoolers will begin in January and Enrollment for our waiting list begins in February.

November 2017: Turkey Feathers, Indian corn, and pumpkin pie have fill our classroom. All the preschoolers said what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. We have a giant turkey in our room with a feather for every preschooler. Our Butterflies are working so hard on their names. We have several who are in the name writing club. We are also working on counting to 100. Many of our Butterflies are really close! Our new phonic program is working really well. Lots of our preschoolers can say the letters and the sound it makes. Our Caterpillars are recognizing the letter in their names and are saying the letter sounds. Most of us are able to count to 20! We can sort items and we are working on simple patterning. The preschoolers are collecting items for Generations Build-a-Basket program. We have several items to donate to people in need. All the preschoolers enjoyed preparing for the Thanksgiving Feast. We made pilgrim & Indian costumes, snapped green beans, peeled potatoes, shook butter, & rolled the dough! We all enjoyed a yummy Thanksgiving Feast with all the fixings! Christmas Program for the Butterflies will be December 11th at 7:00 pm family & friends are invited.

October 2017:: Our Preschoolers are learning about fire safety. We know to call 911 for an emergency, to NOT play with lighters or matches, and how to get out of our house and go to our meeting place. We even had a fire drill and everyone did great! Pumpkins are filling our room along with lots of spooky bats, spiders, and jack-o-lanterns! The children dressed in their favorite costume to join the Halloween Parade and play spooky games in the gym. Our preschoolers enjoyed singing on the stage at church Sunday, October 22. Thanks to all the church members for making all of our preschoolers & their families feel so welcome!!


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