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Our Mission (adopted March 12, 2000): We are a family of many hearts and voices faithfully worshiping God. We encourage one another in our living, learning and growing as God’s people. Led by the Holy Spirit, we joyfully promise to serve others as we share the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

St. John’s UCC has a longstanding reputation in Vincennes of community outreach and service. We are also part of many local, regional, nationwide and global efforts through the UCC’s OCWM program.

Our church is in the top 100 UCC churches donating to the One Great Hour of Sharing program.

Our outreach, benevolence and mission programs are overseen by the Christian Outreach and Benevolence Committee. We believe these missions enable us to fulfill our mission of serving others in the spirit of our Lord. It’s a great way to get involved, enjoy fellowship with others, and serve the Lord. Please click on the “Mission Moment” link above and read about how your Benevolent Fund and donations are spent to do God’s work in our world.

There are some local missions that our congregation supports with a little extra effort. These projects require contributions of time, talent and treasure from the congregation. These are featured on this page. Please see our Mission Moments page for others or if you would like to know where your Benevolent contributions go.

Mission: Through collaboration among agencies and networks, B.A.B.E.'s mission is to meet the basic material needs of pregnant women and families with children ages newborn through 3 years, with a voucher system that promotes preventive health care (physical and emotional) in a safe and nurturing environment.

The B.A.B.E. store is open to Knox County residents only (Mondays, 12 – 4:30 PM), and funded through United Way, Residents and local churches and churches. St. John’s UCC has donated the space for the store and commits benevolence monies throughout the year. B.A.B.E. has no paid staff; St. John’s provides most of the volunteer staff for the store. For more information about the store, or to volunteer in some way, please contact the Church Office.

The success of St. John’s UCC’s KIDS HOPE partnership with Riley has inspired other local churches to sponsor the following Vincennes schools: Tecumseh-Harrison Elementary (First Baptist Church); Franklin Elementary (Franklin Heights Christian Church); Vigo Elementary (Community United Methodist Church). Please ask your child’s teacher or the school social worker for a referral.

Click here to read current KIDS HOPE news

Mission: To build caring relationships via one child, one hour, one church, one school

Adult mentors from our St. John’s congregation have committed to spending one hour each week with one child at Riley Elementary School doing tutoring and self esteem building. Each mentor and child team is supported by a prayer partner from the church. For more information about how you can help St. John’s make a difference in the life of a child, contact the church office (812-882-2720). We would be happy to share our enthusiasm with you.

Vincennes Riley Elementary School: click here


Phoebe’s Mission

Phoebe’s Mission is a disbursement of necessary household items, such as toiletries and cleaning supplies, to low income Vincennes residents the 1st Friday of each month from 4:30-6 PM. These household items are necessary for everyone, but they cannot be purchased with food stamps.

Toilet paper * Laundry Soap *Shampoo * Bar Soap * Dishwashing Detergent * Deodorant * Cleaning supplies

Sandy’s Pantry

(Outreach to VU Students in honor of Sandy Kitchell, founded August 2015)

Read more about Sandy’s Pantry on our Mission Moments page.

Poor diet can affect both physical and mental health. Previous studies have found a connection between food insecurity and academic problems. Student Hunger is REAL! Studies done over the past few years have concluded 25% – 40% of college students are not eating an adequate amount of healthy nutritious food.

There are several reasons that contribute to the Student Hunger issue.

1. Financial aid is denied. The student looses on campus food privileges.
2. Unexpected expenses such as high cost of books, lab fees, etc.
3. Car trouble and associated repair costs.
4. General lack of budgeting knowledge, and overuse of credit cards.
5. Lack of knowledge about nutrition and food preparation.

SANDY’S PANTRY offers VU students basic staple items (rice, canned fruit and vegetables, beans, pasta, canned meats, cereal, breakfast bars, etc.) “Healthy snack foods are offered as well, like raisins, nuts, popcorn, and protein bars.”

This epidemic is not a faraway issue, but one that affects us locally. To quote Dean of Students at VU, in May 2015, “this is an on-going crisis that many Vincennes University students deal with on a weekly basis,” The Outreach & Benevolence Committee of St. John’s UCC and Vincennes University moved ahead with establishing a student food pantry, beginning in Fall Semester 2015. In 4 years we have helped over 1,000 students to supplement their diets with healthy food choices and snacks.

Thanks to a generous donation in honor of Sandy Kitchell, which was used as seed money to kick off this new outreach, St. John’s UCC has been given the chance to address this community need, and has stepped up to reach out, as Christ commanded, “feed my lambs.” The students of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. If you would like to be involved in this ministry at St. John’s UCC, please contact the Church Office. Food and monetary donations are welcomed and currently being accepted.


Knox County Food Pantry, Relay for Life, Merom Conference Center, Disaster Relief, Missionary Support, Heifer Project International, One Great Hour of Sharing, Women’s Shelters, School Nurse Programs, Blankets & Tools Sundays, Hoyleton, CUE (UCC Mid-America Seminaries), Back Bay Mission, United Care Shelters, Brooklawn, Veterans of the Cross, Headstart, Altenheim Community, Crossroads, Emmaus Home, Good Samaritan Home.

Knox County Food Pantry

Vincennes Animal Shelter

KETA (Kids Equiped to Achieve) (school supplies)

Mitten Tree (Riley School)

Generations AngelWorx (Christmas)

Backpacks of Love

Relay for Life

Friends Who Care & Count 


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