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St. John’s UCC KIDS HOPE Director: Jerri Johanningsmeier

April 2018: Kids Hope USA outreach program held a spring event with 27 mentors, children and a few family members in attendance. The event was held at the KCARC 1972 facility on Thursday, March 15 from 5:30-7:30. Pizza, drink and dessert were served. Activities included: bounce house, laser tag, life size darts, life size battleship, rock wall climbing, computer room, movies, and other activities to enjoy. A great time was had by all. Thank you to Patrick Schutz for assisting in the leadership of several activities with the students. A special thank you to Elaine Workman for donating treats for Riley School’s teachers and staff for the month of March. Always, thank you to the mentors and prayer partners for your time in this program.

March 2018: Tribute and Testimonial: The KIDS HOPE USA outreach program graciously extends a tribute to a treasure, Lonny and Jana Vieck. This past month, Robert Stangle, 24, a KHUSA young adult and St. John’s UCC member, passed away from illness. Lonny was a mentor to Robert since the beginning of the KHUSA 15 year program. Lonny and Jana continued to be a significant couple in Robert’s life that grew beyond the realms of support and love. Thank you, Lonny and Jana, for your selfless guidance in Robert’s life. Brett Summers is a new mentor to our St. John’s UCC KHUSA team. His Prayer Partner is Pam Summers. Thank you, Brett and Pam, for your dedication to a Riley school child and support of KHUSA. On March 15, 2018, the KHUSA mentors, students, and volunteer parents will hold a celebration event at the KCARC 1972 facility from 5:15 to 7:30. Pizza, dessert, and drink will be provided at the facility with multiple activities for all to enjoy throughout the evening. Mark your calendar for this special event. Emails have been sent to all mentors concerning details of the evening.

December 2017: The Commissioning of 12 Mentors and Prayer Partners was held in a recognition ceremony of Kids Hope USA on Sunday, November 12. Thank you to the St. John’s members who are mentoring a child at Riley School for the ensuing school year 2017-2018 . The following list includes this year’s mentors and prayer partners: Mentor: Rev. Lynn Marino, Nancy Stultz, Jeff Mattingly, Patrick Schutz, Brenda Fillingim, Eric Meyer, Allison Cooper Cummins, Jana Vieck, Bill Lathrop, Saundra Lange, Lori Sanders, Larry Marchino; Prayer Partners: Jill Lopez, Linda Clinkenbeard, Kristie Mattingly, Susan Schutz, Sarah Lowe, Cheryl Meyer, Steve Cooper, Lonny Vieck, Mark Schutz, Mark Lange, Beth Lindsay, John Jackson. A huge thank you to Ray Pieper who retired after 15 years of mentoring a child from Riley School and continues contact with him as freshman in college. Kudos to Betty Lankford, Jeanne Linneweber ,and Janet Goodman for making treats for the Riley School staff this year. Thank you to Linda Clinkenbeard for making blankets for Christmas gifts and the Paul Class for its financial donation. Thank you to the Ruth Varns Kids Hope USA memorial fund donations We appreciate all volunteers in this important outreach program. On Thursday, December 14, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at St. John’s Memorial Hall a Christmas Pizza party will be held for all children, mentors and prayer partners. Please mark your calendars for this event.

December 2017: I would like to thank the Paul Class members who have donated money for the supplies or clothes that I have made for our Kids Hope members over the last 15 years. It has been a pleasure to know they are always willing to help. ~~~Linda Clinkenbeard

October 2017: The KHUSA 2017-2018 School Year is off to a great start. We are presently serving 10 students at Riley School and two students at Clark Middle School Mentors , children and families have been invited to attend the “Mr. Puppet” entertainment show at the Red Skelton Performing Arts Center on October 7, 2017 at 7:30 for a Fall celebration event. Thank you mentors and families for helping to make this a happening. A Special Thank you to Jeannie Linneweber for providing treats to the Riley staff for the month of September. Welcome on board the KIDS HOPE USA train to Jana Vieck and Eric Meyer We are still seeking at least two mentors, presently, with additional students pending referrals into the program. Please contact Jerri Johanningsmeier for information, or call the Church Office and leave a message with Victoria. Looking ahead: A commissioning ceremony with mentors and prayer partners in the highlights at St. John’s UCC.

One Church One School One Child One Hour

There are, in addition, many opportunities to give and support KHUSA, like would you consider being a sub? If interested, please contact the Church Office for further details.

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The success of St. John’s UCC’s KIDS HOPE partnership with Riley Elementary has inspired other local churches to sponsor KIDS HOPE programs at the following schools. Please ask your child’s teacher or the school social worker for a referral.

Tecumseh-Harrison: First Baptist Church
Franklin: Franklin Heights Christian Church
Vigo: Community United Methodist Church

Warm Round of Applause
Thank you for supporting our Kids Hope USA program. Because of your love for children, we are to give children two very special gifts… a mentor, who faithfully shows up each week to help a child learn and remind the child that they are special, and a behind-the-scenes prayer partner. God continues to transform lives through simple, one hour meetings between Kids Hope USA mentors and children.

Can you be the ONE? There are children at Riley Elementary waiting for us. Let’s not let them down! Contact the Church Office TODAY if you have any interest or questions about becoming a KHUSA mentor! You won’t regret it!


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