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Building the Neighborhood the Indiana Kentucky Conference Annual Gathering for 2019

Three delegates from St. John’s UCC Vincennes participated in the IKC Annual Gathering for 2019 hosted by Friden’s UCC on the south side of Indianapolis.

Delegates from Churches across the IKC met to worship, share resources and ideas, learn how to take advantage of Conference resources and to discus and vote on actions and priorities for the Conference.

In addition to having a voice in the operations of the Conference there were many workshop opportunities. Workshops covered a wide range of topics including; Intergenerational Worship, the importance of Pastoral Relations Committees, Church Growth, Ethical and Theological issues of Injustice, and Conversations on; Being Conservative in the UCC, Evangelism and Church Growth, Local and Global Missions, Community Outreach, Youth Ministry and several other topics of value to our congregations.

In addition to Inspirational Worship was a joint Keynote address by the General Minister and President of both the Unite Church of Christ, Rev. John C. Dorhauer and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Rev. Teresa “Terri” Hord Owens.

There were many opportunities to renew and make new friends from around the Conference.

This year’s Missions Project was collecting supplies for the support of the Days for Girls, an international organization that supplies women around the world with reusable feminine hygiene supplies so that they can learn, work, and live in community without interruption. Supplies for several hundred kits were collected as well as additional items to support many local and regional shelters.

This year’s Gathering was again an opportunity to Worship, have a voice in how the wider Church operates in today’s world, make and renew friendships, find resources and actions to more effectively share God’s Word in our World.

A Report on the 2016 IKC Conference

(by Marge Beamon, from the July 2016 Newsletter)

This year, 70 of 138 congregations were represented with a total of 207 persons present.

There was an opportunity to meet and have a question and answer session with the Rev., Dr. John Dorhauer, General Minister and President of the UCC. He was the keynote speaker at the Worship service.

The main focus of this meeting was to vote on a four year, fixed, balanced budget.

As a result of last year’s vote, Merom is now its own entity. This was celebrated at the meeting.

Many of the organizations which benefit from our OCWM contributions had a booth. There were approximately 20 to 25 represented.

The Young Ambassadors are making their 6th trip to Germany in July 2016. The worship offering was to support this ministry.

There is an effort to promote the Women’s Retreat at Merom in September to all ladies.

An impressive “Healing Service” was held on Saturday. Everyone was welcome to come forward to one of the Ministers and ask for prayer and healing.


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